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People of the Year Award recipients tell us what winning the Award means to them.

It has been an honour to represent my country for so long. It is a privilege for me and my family to receive this award
Robbie Keane

Robbie Keane International Person of the Year (2016)

We're really honoured to accept this award and follow so many previous recipients who have inspired us to chase our own dreams
Gary and Paul O'Donovan

Gary and Paul O'Donovan Sports Person of the Year (2016)

The only time I feared for my safety was on my way back from the car because I thought I wasn’t going to make it back to shore. I was physically exhausted, I was struggling and I actually feared for the baby’s life more than my own.
Davitt Walsh

Davitt Walsh People of the Year Award (2016)

It is a privilidge to be honoured this way by the people of Ireland.
Mark Pollock

Mark Pollock People of the Year Award Winner (2012)

I was among magnificent winners the night I received the award and the whole experience has been wonderful. Ultimately, the award will allow us to make greater changes for the children we work for.
Debbie Deegan

Debbie Deegan To Russia with Love (2009)

The Awards are important because we don’t have an honour system in this country and they fulfil that role. I think it’s important and lovely and nice to honour people in a way that’s different, especially the kind of people who might not be honoured necessarily in other ways. For me personally, it was just lovely and nice to get the award and I'm really grateful.
Rory O'Neill aka Panti Bliss

Rory O'Neill aka Panti Bliss People of the Year Award (2014)

“I thought the Syrian refugees should not have to be doing that and no human should have to endure what they are going through."
Milo McCarthy

Milo McCarthy Young Person of the Year (2016)

It is a huge honour to win this award, especially with the calibre of athletes we've had this year.
Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor Sports Person of the Year (2012)

I’ve been doing this for years and to me it is normal. I really felt very humbled to receive the honour.
Rio Hogarty

Rio Hogarty Inspiring Mum of the Year (2010)

I was honoured to be awarded with so many other worthy winners from all walks of life. Thanks so much to Rehab and QUINN-healthcare for a magical evening.
Michael O'Brien

Michael O'Brien People of the Year Awards (2009)